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Whatever industry you are in it is always important to complete some focused and targeted marketing. Otherwise, you are reliant on word of mouth recommendation to grow your business, and while that is important, your business needs to explore every avenue possible to grow.

Would you like increased exposure for your brand? Would you like to engage more with your customers?

How we make Instagram Marketing work for you?

Instagram provides so many different opportunities for a company to interact with and educate their customers. One of our aims is to encourage a passion for your company from your followers. Our strategy is to get your followers waiting for your next post, to make them feel included within your business and ultimately to have them recommend your company to their friends and family.

Using Instagram, we have in the past helped previous clients to involve followers in product launches or let them see behind the scenes at a company. These kind of promotions have proven hugely successful, partly because not many other companies are doing it. This means that our clients stand out from the crowd, and their followers are made to feel appreciated and valued.

The Problems Of Marketing On Instagram And How We Solve Them For You

If marketing on Instagram was simple, then there wouldn’t be any need for companies such as ours. Here are some of the everyday challenges, and how we help you solve them

  • It Is Hard To Commit To Posting Daily – One of the toughest aspects of marketing on Instagram is the time commitment involved. Essentially we want to encourage your followers to look forward to your daily content, so to solve that problem we recommend certain pieces of software. You can preload days or even weeks of content in advance, provided you commit to responding to any of your follower’s comments.

  • Proper Analysis Of Your Posts – Certain posts will generate a lot of interest and response, while others will barely register. We will help and teach you how to assess which posts and content are working for you. Once you have this knowledge, you can then fine tune, and execute a constantly evolving and improving stream of quality engaging content.

  • Creating Beautiful and Engaging Photographs – As Instagram is such a visual platform, your pictures need to be top quality to stand out from the crowd. While we cannot turn you into a world-class photographer, we can provide you will many tips and tricks that are easy to implement, and will drastically increase the engagement with your followers.

  • How To Engage and Benefit From Influential Users – Within every niche, there are certain people who have established a huge following due to their knowledge and expertise. When these people recommend, mention or even directly comment on your posts, their followers take notice. The challenge is how to engage with those users and then have them endorse you and your account. Our team will not only identify the influencers within your niche, but we will then help you to explore the possibility of a strategic mutually beneficial partnership.

  • Creating Marketing and Advertising Your Brand – For most small companies, advertising, marketing and branding is not their area if expertise. That is where our team of marketers can once again assist. Our area of excellence is online marketing, and by employing our staff, your company benefits from some of the most creative advertising and branding minds in the business.

The ROI you can achieve from a successful Instagram campaign will actually shock you. We are confident that if your current problem is finding a constant stream of clients, we can change that drastically. In fact, your biggest problem could be struggling to keep up with the demand for your services.

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