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Let Our Team Of Experts Establish Your Authority With Facebook Marketing

Any great marketer will tell you that it is essential to get your message in front of the proper audience, Whatever industry you are in, whatever type of people you want to market to, the likelihood is that the vast majority of your potential audience will have a Facebook account.

That is why whatever marketing strategy you decide to embark upon; Facebook has to be a key component because purely and simply that is where your audience is. Other platforms such as SEO and pay per click can and will have benefits, but the elephant in the room is Facebook.

Our Team of experts have been studying and mastering the art of Facebook Marketing for many years, and we are confident that any and all of our clients will see huge benefits as a consequence of implementing our Facebook Marketing.

Facebook Marketing, like all specialist subjects, requires a certain skillset and knowledge. Whatever you may read on the internet, there are few digital marketing agencies who fully understand the complexities and intricacies of Facebook Marketing. Here at Appsar Web Solutions, we take great pride in all strands of our marketing, and our dedicated team of Facebook experts will walk you through the process, ensuring that you never fall foul of Facebook's rules and regulations.

Our Facebook Strategy For Your Business

We Create Your Individual Facebook Strategy

From the outset it is essential that as our client you understand the strategy we will be implementing and have some way of measuring its success. Normally we would set up some sort of ROI target so that you can easily evaluate the success of any marketing plan.

We are confident that we will be able to match or exceed your expectations, but any good marketing plan should always be able to show a positive ROI.

We Can Build Run And Maintain Your Facebook Page For You

Unless you are in the digital marketing sector (in which case you wouldn’t need our services in the first place) your business expertise lies in another field.

So rather than expect you to become an expert on marketing and Facebook particularly, we will setup and run your Facebook page for you. This not only leaves you totally free to concentrate on your main business, but it enables both companies to concentrate on their areas of expertise.

Brand and Reputation Management

One of the biggest problems that companies suffer from online is negative comments and publicity. These can be genuine, where perhaps something has gone wrong, and customers take to the internet to publicly voice their frustrations. Unfortunately, people are many times more likely to post negative comments about a product, than to go online and write a positive review.

Certain other company’s who may be competitors can also post negative comments and reviews about your products. Another strand of our Facebook Marketing strategy is to monitor any negative comments and then to manage those properly.When these strategies are employed effectively, they can not only repair the perceived damage but also enhance your reputation in a public forum, effectively turning a negative situation into a positive outcome.

Develop Your Tribe

Think of your favorite sports team or rock star. They have a group of passionate fans who are their number one supporters and who would almost fight to be a member of a fan group, in marketing parlance we call that a tribe.

Our aim is to encourage a tribe mentality, by positively engaging with your fans, providing them with information and content that is both interesting and relevant to them.

Ultimately we want them to be looking forward to any new information that is posted on your Facebook page. These people will not only become your best customers, but over time they are much more likely to recommend you and thus grow your customer database. This is the perfect situation where effectively happy clients are doing your marketing for you, think of how powerful that can be.

Proper Tracking And Reports

All of the above are important, but if you want a truly hands-off approach, which is one of the benefits we offer, then you need to have a clear understanding of the impact of your Facebook Marketing.

In an ideal world, of course, you would experience new customers and growth in the business, but ultimately you need a proper analysis of our work. At Appsar Web Solutions, we understand the importance of this information which is why you will be provided with a monthly report detailing the work we have undertaken over the past month, the traffic statistics and any other information relevant to your individual campaign.

We have total confidence in our ability to work with any business and help them achieve the growth and results they are after, so we enjoy delivering these monthly reports as they provide us with an opportunity to shine.



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